Posted 5/28/20

Hello Church Family
On Monday of this week the State of California issued their guidelines for the safe reopening of churches and on Tuesday Los Angeles County gave a green light for churches to offer in-person services as they follow the State directives.  We are excited about meeting together again soon!
At this point church leadership is putting into place the steps necessary to open within the building and we are also pursuing possible outdoor locations where we could gather with more freedom and safety during these opening weeks.  
For this coming Sunday, May 31, we will continue to meet together as a church online. We will let you know soon about when and where we will be gathering in person.
We are thankful not only that our government leaders have declared church services an essential service but also that we have been given clear guidelines to help us operate safely.  It is essential that we re-open in ways that are appropriate for our people and safely for our community.  As Christians we are called to live, love, and lead like Jesus.  We believe that Jesus calls us to do everything we can during these times to make our church and community  safe for the elderly and vulnerable in our midst.  Continue to pray for the church leadership and all those in places of authority that they will have the wisdom in the reopening of our community. 
As we reopen we need a team of people ready to prepare the building or outside setting for the service.  If you are willing to help and in a non-vulnerable group please email us at
These past two months have been challenging for all of us and it is clear that we still have challenging days ahead. Let’s continue to show grace and patience to one another in our words and deeds knowing that our heavenly Father is in control and that He calls us above all else to love one another!
We love you and miss seeing you in person!
Pastor Ron Eroen (310)804-7373
Pastor Andrew Hobbs (727)415-1670
Pastor Jon Burcombe (310) 779-0947
Elder Wayne Herbst (310)560-6399
Sunday Services
8:30 AM ~  with Pastor Ron Eroen
Free Buffet Fellowship Breakfast at about 9:45 AM.
10:30 AM ~ with Pastor Andrew Hobbs 
Thursday evening 6:00 PM
we gather at 
Singing Waters Christian Center 
346 Catalina Ave
(children’s program available)
Sunday School
“Treasure Island: The Adventure in Ever, Ever Land” is presented during the 10:30 AM service along with Nursery and preschool care.
is celebrated at all Services the First Sunday of each month.