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Ministry Opportunities

Is the Lord leading you into ministry at Avalon Community Church?  We want serving at ACC to be exciting, fulfilling, rewarding, and fun! Hopefully you can find ministries in which you will find God’s purpose for you and that will fulfill your passion! Our desire is that you will be blessed as you bless others. If you aren’t sure which ministry fits you best, we have Ministry Guides available to help you. If you have attended our 301 class: “Getting In S.H.A.P.E. for His Service”, then you already know that we each have a unique set of Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience which make up our S.H.A.P.E. for ministry. Our Ministry Guides will use your S.H.A.P.E. Profile to help you decide what ministry is best for you! If at any time your service in a chosen ministry becomes a chore rather than a joy, we urge you to contact your Ministry Guide to re-evaluate your choices.


Ministry Contacts

Purpose Team Leaders  

Leading Elder: Wayne Herbst
Elders: Ron Eroen, Scott Schmeckpeper, Jonathan Burcombe and Andrew Hobbs
Prayer Leading Elder: Ron Eroen
Prayer leaders: Mary Lou Eroen
Honor Leading Elder: Jonathan Burcombe
Co-leader: Gina Long/ Carol Ann Burcombe
Music & Worship Jon Burcombe
Grow Leading Elder: Wayne Herbst
Co-Leaders: Santa Dominguez/ Shelli Hobbs/ Carol Herbst
Sunday School Director Wayne Herbst / Santa Dominguez
Men’s Ministries Wayne Herbst / Andrew Hobbs
Women’s Ministries Carol Herbst / Shelli Hobbs
Connect Leading Elder: Scott Schmeckpeper
Co-leaders: Jani Eisenhut/ Tammie Katin/ Jennifer Quezada
Reach Leading Elder: Andrew Hobbs
Co-leaders: Irene VanPelt / Matthew Quezada / Daniel Everson/ Theo Hernandez
Serve Leading Elder: Scott Schmeckpeper
Co-Leaders: Steve Gorelczenko / Niah Gerard
Hospitality Scott Schmeckpeper

Nominating: Carol Herbst / Darlene Schmeckpeper / Natalie Chavolla

Treasurer: Claudia Canby

Clerk: Gail Hodge