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The Wildmen desire to be a connecting point where men of all ages and all walks of life can grow in relationship with God. We are passionate to see the hearts of men set free, and to engage with their families and each other in a masculine yet loving way. We believe that God has called every man for a grand purpose, and our focus is to help men first discover and then fulfill their God-given purpose in this world.  Mask WMWOur aim is to provide an atmosphere where men can feel comfortable, discovering where the reality of their life meets God and His purposes. We want men to connect with other men in a real relationship that promotes growth,  caring, and mutual support. We are not meant to fight life’s  battles alone. It is vital that we have men in our lives that we can trust who will stand with us.   Sheild WMW

You will have the opportunity to experience Wildmen at your own pace. However, the platoons (small groups) which meet at the end of our meetings are instrumental in spiritual growth and in fostering lifelong bonds of friendship. Having a group of men to stand with in prayer, who you can count on to be there for you, who can speak truth into your life with love, is an incredible asset worth fighting for.


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 that you can download and print that gives some more information about who we are and what we do. 


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Wildmen West is an Outpost for a Band Of Brothers. It is an independent site that typically does not meet in a church, although they might. Outposts minister to men from multiple church congregations, or to men who presently do not attend a church congregation. Allies are sites that are part of the men’s ministry of a specific church congregation. The difference is that one is independent, and the other is a ministry of the church that they meet in or represent.

Our Story IMG_0068 In 2002, two men started meeting together for bible study. This quickly grew to eight people who got together to study “40 Days of Purpose”. From this small group, Wildmen was unleashed. Every week more and more men came.  Solely as a result of word of mouth, the weekly gatherings quickly outgrew even the largest home. Designed to promote discipleship, fellowship, worship, ministry and outreach, Wildmen provides a safe place where men can gather and be men as they grow in their walk with Jesus Christ.                                                                                                 





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“As iron sharpens iron,

so one man sharpens another.”

Proverbs 27:17


Weekly study for Wildmen West is located at the
ACC Fellowship Hall Mondays @ 6:00 PM
*Summer Schedule TBA


Check out our Wildmen Facebook page for  activities.   


Jonathan Burcombe: jbbythec@aol.com


Andrew Hobbs: b0fuss@gmail.com


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And judging from the fruit of this ministry,
God is up to something BIG! As individual
Wildmen moved from our 1st location in
Tampa, they wanted their Wildmen experience in their new town. Consequently we now have nine Wildmen locations in three states and two countries.  Yes, we even have a Wildmen Ally in Australia!

Wildmen West is a direct result of that “branching out” effect. Wildmen West began in the summer of 2012 in Avalon, Catalina Island California. 5 men whose lives have been impacted by the message of “Wild at Heart” have launched their own ministry based on the message and their experience at Bootcamp. It is currently the only Outpost west of the Mississippi!



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